Heavy Duty 24″ Cast Iron English Wheel



Woodward Fab WFEWC24 Heavy Duty 24″ Cast Iron English Wheel



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Woodward-Fab Cast Iron English Wheel


  • 24″ throat depth
  • 60″ over all height
  • 7 3/4″ diameter x 2 3/4″ wide top wheel for easy rolling
  • Foot operated tensioner -plus handy hand wheel
  • Includes floor stand with anvil storage racks and floor levelers
  • Includes 6 lower hardened and polished anvils
  • WEIGHT 350 LBS

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Engineered to perform superbly and free from defects, Woodward Fab cast iron English wheels are offered at affordable prices. With the Woodward Fab English wheels, you will get outstanding results with minimal effort. To extend the tool’s service life, we recommend you to coat the exposed cast iron surface with light oil. Corrosion can be prevented this way. In addition, grease/ lubricate the adjusting block and the driving shaft of the unit on a regular basis. These tips enhance the machine’s efficiency and contribute to their unfailing service for years.

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 34 x 36 in
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