Woodward Fab Bead Roller Fence Guide WFBR6FENCE

Bead Roller Fence Guide



Features of WWF’s Bead Roller Fence Guide

This product from Woodward Fab has achieved a lot of popularity in a variety of applications, owing to the beneficial features that it has. Here are some striking features of this bead roller fence guide:

  • The fence guide is easily adjustable.
  • The bead roller fence guide helps a user make sure that the alignment for beading applications is straight.
  • The tool is extremely easy to assemble and use.
  • It helps achieve a great repeatability and consistency.


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Woodward Fab Bead Roller Fence Guide WFBR6FENCE

Woodward Fab provides several makes and models of bead rollers. Additionally, it also offers several accessories to enhance the tools’ efficiency and performance. One such optional accessory we provide includes bead roller guide fence. This add-on can be attached to your Woodward Fab bead roller, and can help achieve outstanding results.

Steps of Installation

Bead roller guide fence is an adjustable component, and helps in making accurate and straight beads, bends, flanges and cuts on the work piece. The bead roller accessory is designed for easy attachment on the tool. You don’t need to completely disassemble bead rollers to attach bead roller fence.

To make things easier to understand, the installation steps are provided below:

  • Loosen bolts and washers and remove lower forming roll of the bead roller.
  • Loosen if there is any additional Allen screws and then slide forming roll off the shaft.
  • Loosen all the hardware attached to lower shaft bearing block and slide the same off end of the shaft.
  • Post this, loosen locking bolt on the bead roller fence.
  • Now, hand feed the lower roll drive through the holes in the fence.
  • Slide the fence towards the back of the bead roller throat temporarily.
  • Check if it is properly installed.
  • Slide bearing block over lower shaft and tighten all loose hardware
  • Upon the completion of installation, try making beads on a scrap metal surface.


By investing less, you can create perfect beads on sheet metal. This add-on is a worthwhile investment for your fabrication shop. It helps you achieve professional results in no time.

In case if you have any doubt about the installation, let us know. We will let you know how to do it. At Woodward Fab, you will not only get professional sheet metal fabrication tools, but also receive unmatched customer service that will help you use the tool better and safely.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 4 x 4 in
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