Punch / Flanger Combo Tool

Woodward Fab Combo Punch and Flange Tool



  • Flange up to 20 gauge mild steel
  • Punch 3/16″ diameter holes into 18 gauge mild steel ( maximum)
  • 11″ over all length
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Punch / Flanger Combo Tool

The punch and flanger tools are the most widely used tools in the sheet metal fabrication process. This tool, which is denoted by the manufacturer code as WFPF is a punch / flanger combo tool, is used in fabrication process of the sheet metal. The Woodward Fab combo punch and flare tool can be used for both automotive restoration, as well as panel making. As the name suggests, this tool serves the purpose of both flange, as well as a punch. One part of the tool creates flanges for weld joints that are overlapping, whereas the other part is capable of punching the weld hole. The tool features a spring return handle, which allows for ease of operation. The overall length of the Woodward Fab combo punch and flange tool is 11″. The punch tool in this combo is capable of punching up to 3/16″ diameter holes into an 18 gauge mild steel. The flange tool of this combo can flange up to 20 gauge mild steel. This combo tool is very handy, easy-to-use, and lasts long.

  • Ideal for automotive restoration and panel making
  • One tool will produce flanges for over lapping weld joints and can punch weld hole
  • Spring return hanle

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in
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