Woodward Fab Anvil Model A22

Woodward Fab Anvil Model A22

SKU: A22


  • Small 22 Pound Anvil
  • Made from high strength cast steel with high impact toughness
  • Tensile strength is 87,000 PSI
  • Rockwell hardness 45-55

Each anvil features two holes, a Hardy hole (square) for holding tools and a Pritchel hole (round) for creating holes in metal.

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Woodward Fab Cast Steel Forming Anvil

Anvils are important metalworking tools in a fabrication facility. These tools are used for forging metal sheets. Our anvil model 22 is a 22 pound metalworking tool, which is designed to meet intrinsic needs of a metal fabrication workshop. This tool is made from a high-quality, and high-strength cast steel. The construction lends high impact toughness, durability. Also, this makes it perfect for fast production of complex fabrications in auto body shops, machine shops, as well as automotive repair shops.

Anvil model 22 features two holes – a square Hardy hole for holding tools, and a round shaped Pritchel hole for producing holes in a metal. The Pritchel hole is located below the horn, whereas the Hadry hole is at the top of the tool. The tensile strength of this tool is 87,000 PSI, and Rockwell hardness is 45-55. This anvil has dimensions 14x4x4 in. The SKU for this product is A22.

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 4 x 4 in
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