Sheet Metal Bending Brake 98 1/2″ Length



Sheet Metal Bending Brake

Bending Length 98 1/2″

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Woodward Fab Sheet Metal Bending Brake WFSB8.0

Handy Operator Features:

  • Super Smooth, Almost Effortless Bending
  • Air/Hydraulic Assist “No Counterweights Needed”
  • Adjustable for Varying Material Thicknesses
  • Clamps Work Pieces Secure for Bending with a Single Handle
  • Bend up to 20 Gauge Mild Steel
  • Bends up to 120 Degrees
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Twist “Boxed” Upper Beam
  • Floor Stand Included


  • Bending Length 98 1/2″

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Weight 1650 lbs
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