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WFSS-SD Shrinker / Stretcher- 10% Off and FREE SHIPPING 

WFTR45 Rolling Machine - Free Shipping   

WFS-5 Throatless Shear - 10% Off Free Shipping               

On these select items while supplies last. Free Shipping within the Continental US. 


Heck - Heuer Bench Vises Heck Industries Inc. HEUER Das Original

  • German Quality

  • German Made

  • Forged steel is 35% stronger than cast iron

  • Smooth as silk slides and screws

"The Best bench vise and The Last vise you will ever buy"


Heck Heuer Bench Vises



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Established in 1966, we specialize in sheet metal working equipment. All the equipment we sell has been used and tested in our production shop, we sell only quality equipment from quality manufacturers that you can trust. We are a division of Heck Industries the manufacturer of innovative fabricating machinery.


Girls Garage

Woodward Fab

Woodward Fab Shrinker Stretcher

as seen on All Girls Garage.

Sale $189.99

 $14.41 SHIPPING


                             Please call1-800-391-5419
            to ask questions, place an order or request a color catalog.

                                                                       Woodward Fab
                                                                         PO Box 425
                                                                        1498 Old US 23
                                                                     Hartland, MI. 48353

                                                                     Phone 810.632.5419
                                                                       Fax 810.632.6640

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