Metal Fabrication Tools

When using sheet metal fabrication tools, some safety precautions should be followed. Tools like English wheels can be hard to manage if you are not proficient at using them. Hence, some basic rules should be followed by all amateurs. If you are a professional sheet metal fabricator, read on, you might find something useful. Also, we will be discussing common metal fabrication injuries.

Areas of Concern for Metal Sheet Fabrication Projects:

Before proceeding with safety tips for metal sheet fabrication projects, here is a list of injuries, which can occur if proper safety measures are not taken:

  • Injuries from Material Handling: Improper material handling is one of the main causes of injury in a workshop. Most of these injuries lead to musculoskeletal problems, which can range from minor sprains to invertebral disc injuries. These injuries result due to ignorance of proper lifting practices, avoiding established lifting protocols, long working hours, etc.
  • Injuries from Hand Tools Usage: Various types of hand tools are used in metal fabrication projects to give finishing touches. There are various reasons for injuries from hand tools such as improper tools for the project, poor maintenance of tools, excessive use of tools, and inappropriate design of work area. For instance, long-term use of a welding machine can cause musculoskeletal Also, a welder may be exposed to toxic substances or carbon monoxide, if there is poor ventilation in the work area.
  • Injuries from Poor Barriers: Usually, the areas where metal fabrication projects take place are specially designed to avoid injuries. The area is closely protected with various types of barriers. Poor barrier protection is a major reason for injuries. For instance, various guarding mechanisms are adopted to protect a worker’s finger from getting entrapped in the machine. If these guarding barriers are not properly installed, there are all chances that a worker may lose a finger, or the hand.

Safety Tips When Fabricating Metal Components/ Instruments

The following steps can be employed when using metal fabrication tools:

  1. Proper Training: This is a very important step in any metal fabrication project. A detailed training session regarding the equipment, occupational hazards, and working conditions should be given to the personnel. Also, the personnel should be informed about proper safety protocols to prevent accidents.
  1. Inspecting Tools: This is necessary before starting the project. The tools should be checked for malfunctioning, and inspected to ensure that they are in good working condition. This is because sheet metal fabrication workers use various types of manual or hand operated tools. For instance, if there is a pair of shears with blunt edges, your workers may have a hard time cutting with them.
  1. Precaution: Attention is the key to a successful and injury-free metal fabrication project. Large machines are used during metal fabrication projects. It is very important for sheet metal workers to take some precautions before they start working. Workers that are required to push and pull metal sheets into a machine should avoid wearing loose clothes, or jewelry. They should be aware that sheet metal gets very hot during the fabrication. Hence, the workers should always wear protective gloves when handling the sheet metal.
  1. Tool Usage: When using hand tools or presses, it is important to maintain the right amount of security. Presses and other large machinery are equipped with guards and other safety features. Generally, these are fit by the manufacturer. Ensure that you are well versed with these features and utilize them regularly.
  1. Handling Products: This point encompasses handling raw materials, tools, and finished products. You can utilize the right material handling equipment to transport big or heavy products.
  1. Protective Clothing and Equipment: Any person handling sheet metal fabrication tools should be equipped with safety gear. They should wear hard hats, goggles, gloves, and safety shoes at all times. Make sure that when working or handling any product, your back and neck are supported adequately. An injury to the back could result in long term pain. You must protect yourself from possible injuries.

We hope these tips helped you. We believe that safety comes first; hence, we fabricate our tools with utmost care. They are designed ergonomically with maximum importance given to safe usage. Ensure that the metal fabrication tools you use help you maintain a strong grip. Make sure that you adopt these rules in order to maintain safety in your workplace.