Sheet metal parts are semi-finished products that undergo several processes to be used in industries ranging from automotive and construction industry to aerospace and military industry.

Sheet Metal Bending

For use in varied industrial applications, sheet metal must be bent to required specifications. Several tools are used to achieve precise bends with required angles and other features.

Here, in this blog, the three most commonly used sheet metal bending tools are discussed.

Which are the 3 Sheet Metal Bending Tools that are Widely in Use Today?

Amongst the several tools available, the below mentioned tools are widely chosen for their impeccable operational performance and ability to provide accurate results.

• 3-In-1 Machine – As the name implies, the tool helps perform three tasks, including rolling, shearing, and bending. This 3-In-1 sheet metal machine is the perfect choice when your requirements call for creating complex bends on a wide range of materials. They feature compact design, occupying less floor space.

o Robust construction using heavy cast iron frames and table.
o Blade gap can be easily adjusted according to the work pieces’ thickness.

• Bending Brake – This tool is of great help to bend a wide gamut of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, or any high tensile alloy. Available in several models, the tool supports sheet metal fabricators to create neat bends on materials of varying thicknesses.

o Perfect for handling work pieces as thick as 16 gauge.
o Precision fitted castings and bearings, ensuring smooth operation.

• Straight Brake – They are known for their sturdy construction, and the ability to provide unrivalled bending accuracy. Available in bench and floor mounted models, the tool is easy to set up and operate.

o Engineered with long handles for extra leverage.
o Welded steel plate construction with removable bending bar and angle.

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