Manual Iron Worker Tools

Iron worker tools play a very vital role in the sheet metal fabrication process. There are a wide range of tools of different shapes and sizes. These tools along with the punching equipment are used for different applications and fabrication solutions, such as notching, shearing, and punching steel plates. These iron worker and punching equipment are responsible to deliver precise, smooth, and fast hole punching. There are a various types of iron worker tools that are used in sheet metal fabrication process. What are these tools? What are their features? What are their applications? Read on this post to get answers to these questions.

What are the Different Iron Worker Tools?
Depending on the application, different types of iron worker tools are used. Here are a few most commonly used iron working tools that have a great importance:
1. Manual Iron Workers: Manual iron workers are widely used in several industries and has a list of beneficial features as mentioned below:

  • These sheet metal fabrication tools are compact. Thus, they are extremely suited for small fabrication shops.
  • The tool is provided with a gear, which helps in transfer power. The power is transferred from your arm to blades through the sturdy handle has attached to it.
  • Manual iron worker tool is made up of fully-welded plate steel. This helps make it rigid and prevent flex. Thus, a good accuracy is maintained.
  • For a light production work, repeatable cuts can be made with this tool with the help of a material black stop.

2. Manual Punches: Manual punches are the tools used to produce quick, precise, and clean holes in a sheet metal. These tools can also be used to create holes in other materials. When you want to drill a number of holes repeatedly, then manual punches are an ideal solution in such cases. Manual punches of varying capabilities are available in the market.

3. Dimple Dies – Punch and Flare: Dimple dies, and punch and flare tools are used in a majority of sheet metal fabrication projects. These tools are specially designed reinforced panels with lightening holes. These tools come in different specifications and capabilities based on their application. Punch and flare tools are capable of punching a hole and flare materials in just one operation. A draw bolt is tightened in a bench press when the punch and flare tool is in action. The dimple dies are the equipment that are suitable for material, which is 1/8 inch thick and made from chrome moly steel. These tools are mainly used in a press or an iron worker. In order to use the dimple dies, a hole of proper size is required to be drilled first.

All the above- mentioned tools and some more are used in fabrication process of sheet metal. Without these equipment it would be very hard to fabricate sheet metal. Thus, these equipment and tools hold a great importance in sheet metal industry. There are a vast variety of these tools, and thus it can get a bit tricky to choose the right one for your application. In such cases, you can always ask the experts about their opinion. One such expert, who can help you with your iron worker tools and punching equipment is Woodward Fab.