Metal Shrinker Stretcher

A metal shrinker stretcher is a powerful tool, which is used to shape a metal. To be precise, this tool is used to make curve on a piece of metal. Restoration process of an auto body can be accelerated with the help of metal shrinker stretchers instead of traditional method of planishing hammer. There is a process involved in using metal shrinker stretcher for better results in auto body restoration. Pre-requisites of the process are metal, tape, design, pipe notcher, and shrinker stretcher. What is this process? Read on to know.

How is Metal Shrinker Stretcher Used?

To get the best results, this tool is required to be used in a proper way. There several steps involved in using this powerful tool for restoring an auto body:

  • Step 1 – Do a Proper Research: Before you go ahead with auto body restoration with this powerful tool, you should first do a proper research. You need to have a design that explains the placement of the metal part that you plan to remodel. This research will help you in designing a part that perfectly fits the car. After the design is ready, place the metal on the design, and do proper marking of curves.
  • Step 2 – Secure the Tool: To achieve good results, the tool should be secured properly on a surface. Metal shrinker stretcher has two holes on either sides of its frame. You can use bolts in the holes to secure the tool on a workbench.
  • Step 3 – Working the Metal: Till step 2, the set-up is ready. Now, it is the part of working with the metal. Place the metal into the jaws of the shrinker stretcher, and push it half-way inside the tool. Push the handle down, allowing the jaws of the tool press the metal. Now, move the metal in and out, and push the handle up and down. This will help make smoother curves.
  • Step 4 – Adding Curves: You can add extra curves to the metal by following this step. Turn the metal the other way round, and use the shrinker stretcher tool on the new side. It takes very less time to create curves on both sides of the metal.

What Precautions Should be Taken?

While using the metal shrinker stretcher, you are required to follow certain safety precautions. This helps avoid any accidents and ensures a safe and secure auto body restoration. The precautions are as follow:

  1. Always check whether the tool is properly mounted. Make sure your hands and finger are at a safe distance from the moving parts of the tool. High air pressure can cause severe injury.
  2. Enough attention should be paid to the pneumatic shrinker stretcher, when it is attached to air supply. Any sort of distraction may cause accidents.
  3. The air supply hose should be disconnected immediately after its use.
  4. You should always wear gloves, as working in the vicinity of sharp metal may injure your hands.
  5. During the operation of this tool, grease, metal particles, and oil can be projected at high velocities. Thus, it is advisable to use eye protection while working with this tool.

You can get the best auto body restoration done, if all the aforementioned steps are explained. For help, you can always contact professionals having a good experience in handling metal shrinker stretcher.