Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Bender

As the bending techniques differ, it is hard to provide a definite list of safety measures. This post provides a generic list of the safety measures to be taken while using hydraulic pipe benders.

Safety Measures While Using Hydraulic Pipe Benders:

The following are some of the important safety measures that should be followed while using hydraulic pipe bending equipment:

  1. Check the pipe bender thoroughly. Check for any damage or defect. Make sure to do this check every time while using the pipe.
  2. Make sure that the roller shafts are properly pinned, prior to using the pipe. Also, ensure that the bending die is properly seated, so that there is no mishap.
  3. The pipe should be cleaned regularly, so that its performance is not lowered.
  4. Always remember to keep your hands away from the die and rollers while you are bending the pipe.
  5. It is always recommended to consult a professional when it comes to maintaining and lubricating the hydraulic unit.
  6. Always use the right hydraulic oil during the maintenance.
  7. You should only use hydraulic oil. Avoid using brake fluid.
  8. If you find the pipe bender in a damaged state, you should not use it.
  9. You should never exceed the rated capacity of the hydraulic units.
  10. Use the hydraulic pipe bender only for the purpose it is meant for, and not for any other purpose.
  11. You should not change the valve settings of pressure control.
  12. Always make sure that you store the hydraulic pipe in a cool and dry place when it is not in use. This prevents moisture and formation of moss on the pipe.
  13. Read and understand the instruction manual before using the pipe bender.
  14. In order to ensure performance, make sure that all the shafts are fitted correctly and the pip rollers are in the right holes.
  15. For achieving the right degree of bend, you should ensure that the pump and valve handle are in the correct position
  16. It is always recommended to replace the hydraulic oil every year.
  17. While using the high pressure hose, you should make sure that both the ends are clean otherwise the pipe bender will not operate properly.
  18. Do not take off the nameplates and labels because they include important safety instructions.

The hydraulic pipes come in different shapes and sizes. Thus, it is required to take the actual equipment into account while following the aforementioned safety measures.