Welding Tools

Welding is a fabrication process where two metals or thermoplastics are welded by the application of heat. In the process of welding, the base metal is melted and the filler material is added to the joint. When a filler cools down, a strong joint is formed, which is usually stronger than the base metal. Welding is performed using diverse tools. If you are a beginner, you should try to get accustomed to these tools. This post sheds light on various types of welding tools that a newbie welder should know about.

Welding Tools for Beginners

A close look at the some of the common welding tools, which are required by a beginner welder to get their jobs done quickly.

    • Welding Tables: Welding tables are constructed from the highest quality of steel toe ease welding. These tables are highly versatile owing to their foldable design. Wheels and casters ensure an easy movement. These tables can be adjusted to required height. This feature makes it useful for varied operations, especially giving an ease of comfort to beginners.


    • Plasma Cutting Machines: Plasma cutting machines use a jet of hot plasma to cut materials. These machines are available in a variety of specifications. However, some are equipped with durable steel cabinets, and include hand torches alongside cable, ground cable, and a power cord. These tools are quite popular among beginners as they add a lot of variety to the welding operation.


    • Welding Carts: Welding carts are used to store all the welding related equipment. The cart features tilted top shelf and a spacious bottom area. Most of these carts have heavy duty steel construction, and superior finishes, which make them durable, and ideal for novices.


    • Welding Helmets: Auto darkening welding helmets help ensure more accuracy and safety of welding workers. These helmets have a larger viewing area, which offers a precise view to a worker. These helmets are utilized for MIG, TIG or Arc welding.


    • Magnetic Weld Positioning Clamps: Welding clamps are vital for a professional or a newbie welder. These clamps help hold work pieces together. Also, these equipment require no power or batteries. Some magnetic weld positioning clamps are equipped with a 90 degree cast iron clamp and a variable angle clamp, which help adjust these tools at a specific angle.


    • Weld Shavers: Weld shavers are designed to remove weld beads from beads from a 90-degree corner inside. Weld Grinder shaver is the advanced form of weld shavers, and are quite popular among new welders.


If you are a beginner and learning the nuances of welding, you can always rely on procuring all the above-mentioned tools from a well-known manufacturer like Woodward Fab. The company provides all the above-mentioned welding tools in various specifications. These tools ensure carrying out welding and fabrication safely.

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