Atek Bantam Press Brake

Sheet metal bending is one of the important techniques of metal forming. The technique demands immense precision and speed. The process is not easy, as one may think. It is always performed using advanced and precision bending machines. A press brake is one such precision build machine used for sheet metal bending. A work piece is clamped between a punch and a die to create a pre-determined bend. In this post, we will discuss types of bending performed by press brake, and a competitive press brake provided by Woodward Fab.

A Brief Introduction to the Types of Bending Performed by Press Brakes

The following are the two important types of bending performed by press brakes:

  • Bottom Bending: As the name suggests, in this type of bending, a material is forced down the die by a tool mounted in the RAM of the press brake. In this type of bending, accuracy of the bend will depend on the type of die used.
  • Air Bending: This a type of bending, which is created by simply pressing the material into a die. The material is not completely pressed into the bottom of the die, and a small gap of air is left. In this bending, die only needs to be changed according to the material thickness.

There are various types of bending machines available in the market. Woodward Fab offers Atek press brakes, which are well-known for their precision bending features.

Atek Press Brakes Provided by Woodward Fab

Woodward Fab specializes in sheet metal fabrication and forming tools. We help our industrial customers by providing value-driven Atek press brakes, which support various sheet metal bending projects. The following beneficial features of these tools make them popular:

  • Versatility: The press brakes are well-known for their versatility. These machine bending tools can perform numerous prototyping and press brake functions, such as box forming, flattening, hemming, flanging, bending, etc. These machines use the standard American style, 5150 steel press brake tooling.
  • Ease of Use: A brake is described by the working length, and the tonnage. Our Atek press brakes are pneumatically powered. This means they use the air pressure to develop tonnage on the RAM. Air is forced into a tube, and it applies pressure that induces the downward movement of the press. Once the stroke is finished, the air is evacuated using valves. These brakes can move 10 times faster than many other hydraulic presses in the market. Also, the brakes can be easily stopped by opening the valve, and releasing the air.
  • Low Maintenance: Our pneumatic presses have very few moving parts. This makes maintenance easy, and allows our industrial clients to save on maintenance costs.
  • Durable and Dependable: The air tubes present in the pneumatic press can last up to 5-10 years without replacement. The conditioned air supply ensures trouble free operations for many years.
  • Additional Capabilities: The press brakes are offered in 12 ton- 2′, 4′, and 5′ models, and possess the following capabilities:
    • Variable tonnage control
    • Adjustable stroke depth control
    • Adjustable die spacing
    • Tamper proof speed control valve
    • Complete modular FRL unit with OSHA lockout
    • Can be easily connected to air line

Woodward Fab has been a major manufacturer and supplier of metal working equipment at competitive prices, since last 5 decades. To know more about the press braking machines or other metalworking products that we provide, please contact us at the earliest. You can get in touch with our professionals. You can call us on our toll-free number 1-800-391-5419.