Car Detailing

A well-maintained car requires timely maintenance such as lubrication, washing, and servicing. The proper selection of washing compounds and polishing products contributes to the look and feel of the car. Hoses, wash mitts, and microfiber towels are some car cleaning items, which helps clean the exterior and interior of a car. Are you interested in learning more about car care using various car care products? This post discusses some easy-to-follow tips regarding using various car care products, which will help you take care of your car, and ensure its long term service.

Basic Car Care Product Tips

Some of the basic car care products are enlisted below, which will help improve the performance, efficiency, and the look of the car.

    • For Exterior Care: In the first step, car must be cleaned to remove dirt, and debris. This is done by washing the car, and drying it in the sun. Once the car is dried, a protective gel can be applied. Crazy Larry’s Secret Lube is one such popular protective gel that can enhance texture of your car. Most car lubricants contain mild abrasives, which help in removing oxides present in the car paint. These polishing compounds help in curing minute dents present in the car body. Crazy Larry’s Secret Lube is vegetable-oil based, which is mild on the car surface, and helps enrich its texture. After the lubricant has dried up completely, shield the car with a right car cover. This helps protect the car from dust, dirt, harmful ultraviolet rays, and bird droppings.


    • For Interior Care: Pump sprays are used to clean car interiors such as mirrors, dashboards, steering wheels, panels, and buttons. Also, the car’s floorboard and carpets must be cleaned timely with vacuum cleaners, cleaning brushes, and hand dusters. The car seats must be cleaned using a soft cloth and a feather mop.  After cleaning all interiors, you can use air purifiers and fragrances to overcome the disagreeable stinks. These products help render a fresh, and a pleasant smelling cabin.


    • Overall Protective Care: Hand brakes are often prone to frequent oil spilling during normal running of the car. Brake bleeder is one of the efficient car maintenance products, which collects all the brake fluid in its 2-quart capacity cup. In order to repair the minor dents and fracture from the car’s body, plug spot welds pliers are used. These equipment are designed to support sheet metal welding process in the car.


Car care products are a great help in enhancing the look, functionality, and operational efficiency of the car. Thus, it is important to source these products from a well-known brand. Do you feel your car requires special care products? If yes, you should order car care products from a well-known supplier like Woodward-Fab. The company offers a comprehensive range of car care products, which can help you take the car care maintenance to the next level.