Do you own a car? Are you taking proper care of it? Remember, a car shows good performance consistency only if it is taken proper care of. Along with carrying out servicing, or maintenance at regular intervals, it is also important to ensure that it is done using all the high-quality car care products. There are a number of different products used for car care that go a long way into deciding the durability of the car, and its performance. What are these products? Are you intrigued to know? This post is dedicated to explaining some most crucial car care products that are a must-have for every car owner. Read on to know more.

What All Car Care Products Should You Possess & Use?

A car that runs smoothly, and is still in a good shape after several years of use is a result of regular car care done by the owner. The following are some most essential car stuff that you must have in your garage, if you are willing to see your car in a good operating condition, even after several years:

  1. Car Covers: The most basic, yet most important car stuff that every car requires. Dust, and dirt can damage the shine of the car. Also, bird droppings is another problem faced by cars. It spoils the entire look. So, to protect your car from all this, and make it look as good as new, a car cover is necessary. Besides this, having your car covered, can protect it from scratches, and dents.

 Car Covers

  1. Crazy Larry’s Secret Lube: A lubricant is another important product required for a car’s maintenance. Just like any other lubricant, the best-cutting fluid Crazy Larry’s Secret Lube reduces the friction between various components and parts of a car . Thus, it helps improve the life of components and allows them to work smoothly. This, in turn, enhances a car’s performance. Furthermore, it has a vegetable oil base, which makes it environmentally safe.


  1. Plug Spot Weld Pliers: There are certain requirements during the maintenance of a car, where MIG welding is required. In such cases, plug spot weld pliers are used, which are known to provide a good weld penetration. In addition to this, the pliers help prevent the burning through even while used with thin panels. The main objective of this tool is to clamp and support the weld area.

Plug Spot Weld Pliers

  1. Paint Shaker: The paint shaker is required to mix paints. This product is capable of mixing paint in varying quantities, from 1 pint to a gallon. The best thing about this product is that it helps mix the paint evenly and that too in just a few minutes. The equipment does not produce any sparks, and this makes it suitable to use around volatile fumes.

 Paint Shaker

  1. Brake Bleeder: Last, but not the least – the brake bleeder. It is crucial to keep the braking system of a car in good condition, and for this, it is required to undergo maintenance after every two to three years. To do this, brake bleeders are used. They remove the air bubbles that get created in the brake lines.

Brake Bleeder

These were some must-have products for taking good care of your car. You just cannot afford to miss out on this car stuff. Where to find them? Well, you can easily find them online, with some well-known manufacturers, and suppliers of quality products. One such name that you look forward to Woodward Fab. The company is known to manufacture some really good stuff for car care. The products provided by Woodward Fab can go on in completing your tooling inventory.