Metal Cutting Power Tools

Metal cutting power tools are electricity driven metal cutting tools, which are used during various metal fabrication activities. Some of the popular electric driven power tools include power hammer tools, hose cutters, rebar cutters, air cut-off tools, etc. From machining of materials to cutting high-end sheet metals, these tools help to enhance the speed and precision of a metal fabrication work. Hence, the timely maintenance and servicing of these tools is important increase their lifespan. So, the question is what strategies we need to follow in order to extend the life of metal cutting power tools? Read this post to understand some basic tips on the same.

Tips to Increase the Life of Metal Cutting Tools

Discussed below are certain tips, which will help increase the longevity of the metal cutting tools. These factors, when taken into a consideration, will also bring down the maintenance costs associated with the power cutting tools.

1. Heat control: Heat is one of the critical factors, which can affect the life of most of the metal cutting tools. Tremendous heat is produced when two metal objects come in contact with each other during the cutting process. The heat causes the metal tips and surface to wear out. Thus, heat affects the life of the tool. It is here the use of lubricants and oils becomes a necessity. These anti-friction agents help in controlling friction between the metal parts and prevent them from wearing out.

2. Tool design: Metal cutting tools must be designed in a way, such that it achieves a higher metal removal rate with minimum spindle application. Also, the metal cutting tools must be versatile enough to work on the diverse spindle models. The tools must have a high endurance value, so that they are able to withstand the additional stress due to repeated and simultaneous movement of the load.

3. Edge preparation & chips control: Edge preparation removes the material from the side of the cutting tool, which can possibly lead to the tool’s failure. It helps to extend the life of the metal cutting tool in two ways. Firstly, it helps strengthen the edge by eliminating the weak portion of the material from the metal. Secondly, it prevents the possibility of edge chipping. Also, edge preparation helps in balancing the hardness and toughness of the cutting tool. 

4. Coating the inserts: Depending upon the nature and design of the cutting tool coating is applied on their carbide inserts. This helps prevent the metal cutting tools from extreme heating. There are two popular types of coating used – CVD and PVD. CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is thicker and protects the carbide substrate from heat. Also, it prevents the tool from wearing out. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings are thinner coatings, and are most preferred for sharp edged cutting tools.

The above-mentioned simple tips can help enhance the working life of the power metal cutting tools. Effective metal cutting tools adds great value to any metal fabrication workshop. If yes, you can follow some of the above-mentioned tips. Also, it is important that you source them from a reliable supplier. Woodward-Fab is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of sheet metal cutting power tools in the USA.