Sheet Metal Fabrication toolsApplications of sheet metal are numerous. They find immense applications when assembling home appliances, transportation systems, construction equipment, and oil and gas machineries, and more.

For use in applications, sheet metal undergoes several processes, including shearing, bending, shaping, blanking, and punching. To perform such activities, sheet metal fabrication shops utilize several tools. This blog is meant to familiarize you with some of the essential sheet metal fabrication tools.

Must Have Tools in a Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

Usually, a sheet metal fabrication shop stocks the following tools to get the job done easily and safely. These tools greatly contribute in conducting sheet metal forming activities promptly with extreme accuracy.

• English Wheels – This tool is used to create compound curves in sheet metal. It can form compound curves of various thickness with extreme precision. Available in several models, the tool is widely used to make two dimensional curves on sheet metal that is meant for air craft skins and car bodies.

• Planishing Hammers – This tool helps shape sheet metal into desired specifications. It can also be used to flatten and smoothen sheet metal for several applications. Planishing hammers are available in varied sizes, styles, and shapes.

• Hole Drilling and Cutting – Drilling, which involves making round holes in sheet metal, must be performed meticulously. If not executed properly, it results in damaging the work piece, leading to a substantial material wastage. Specialized hole drilling and cutting tools are available that help create holes with close tolerance levels.

• Punch and Flange Tools – These are handy, and easy-to-use tools that can easily crimp flanges in sheet metal. They are designed to provide precise results quickly.

• Multi Press – Exclusively designed for bending sheet metal, this tool is available in several models to accommodate sheet metal of varying thicknesses.

• Sheet Metal Corner Notchers – This tool is of great help if your requirement calls for notching the corners of sheet metal. Available in bench top or floor mounted models, the tool offers precise results.

Aforementioned sheet metal fabrication tools help augment the plant’s productivity, whilst providing accurate results without any material wastage. Keeping these tools readily accessible helps perform even the complex sheet metal fabrication tasks with ease.