Indispensable Tools for Brilliant Results

The specific equipment needs of the medical industry can be catered to with the help of precisely engineered sheet metal fabrication tools from Woodward Fab. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to consistently fabricate tools that become indispensable. The high grade products used to fabricate these tools ensures reliable and long lasting service. We have poured in our 49 years of experience into conceptualizing and manufacturing each product. With extremely detail oriented design and fabrication processes, our tools offer users comfort and results par excellence.


Scope of Fabrication of Medical Products
Our tools are versatile in use and can deliver a wide range of results. Our products can be used with steel, aluminum, copper, and several exotic materials. The following are some examples of products for the medical industry that can be fabricated using our sheet metal fabrication tools:

•   Customized hospital beds
•   HVAC systems
•   Intricate instruments used during surgeries
•   Sterilization cases for the orthopedic industry
•   Physical therapy equipment
•   Robotic blood sorting systems
•   Custom medical carts used in all medical fields like cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, etc.


Custom Product Creation
Many of our clients require customized products that will assist them in the fabrication of products for the medical industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and designers help guide clients though the entire process. Complete transparency is instrumental to creating products that match perfectly with the needs of the client. From prototypes to large orders, Woodward Fab has the capabilities to design and produce tools that speed up the sheet metal fabrication process.


Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

The following high precision sheet fabrication tools are used in the medical industry:
•   Sheet Metal Brake
•   Sheet Metal Slip Roll
•   Sheet Metal Shear
•   Welding Equipment
•   Beveling Equipment
•   Chamfer De-burring Equipment

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