Tools Used to Restore Vintage Cars, Build Race Cars & More

The tools used in the automotive industry to build or modify vehicles should be reliable in terms of performance and outcome. Woodward Fab has been providing the right tools for these jobs since 1966. We understand the needs of the industry and each individual fabricator. Each part of the car should be fabricated to perfection to ensure smooth functioning of the entire car. To achieve this, the tools need to be perfect. After all, a technician is only as good as his tools. Our tools are simple to use but provide the same results that are expected from complex machines worked by experienced hands.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications

Sheet metal fabrication tools are used in the automobile industry for the following main purposes:

Custom Car Modification
Modifying a car, whether it is just swapping the radio or building a sound system with custom enclosures and lighting details – there is no end to the scope of modification. However, this type of job requires nothing but the best. Our products are precisely engineered to work with metal sheets as long as 14 ft. The metal thickness can range from 0.020″ to 0.190″. We also provide custom dies that can be used to produce extraordinary results. Your custom car shop needs our tools, simply because they are the best!

Roll Cage Fabrication
Speed, precision, safety, and more speed – this is what is expected from roll cages. Our tube and pipe benders and notchers used to fabricate roll cages provide reliable results. Our notchers provide clean cuts while the benders bend tubes without creasing. Building a roll cage is much easier with precisely engineered tools. These tools can be used to fabricate crucial components ensuring maximum safety.

Vintage Car Restoration
Restoring of vintage cars is so much more than just a job. It is important to get just the right feel. Every bump and curve of the car should reflect the style of a certain era. This level of detail can be achieved with the help of our tools. The tolerance level of these tools is in the range of +/- 0.005″. This allows you to get just the right bend on the hood of the car or the precise cut for the rear bumper.

Our sheet metal fabrication tools are used in the automotive industry by amateurs and professionals alike. These tools provide consistent results helping you to re-create magic with every car and vehicle in your shop.


Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

The following high precision sheet fabrication tools are used in the automotive industry:

• Brakes
• Shears
• Bead Rollers
• Shrinker Stretcher
• English Wheel
• Planishing Hammer
Auto Body Hand Tools
• Slip Roll
• Tubing Bender
• Tubing Notcher

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