Helping Fabricate Reliable Heavy Duty Products

The tools used in the oil and gas industry need to be fabricated accurately with attention to every last detail. A small mistake could amount to the loss of a life and property. Hence, the tools used to fabricate components for this industry should be reliable. The use of high quality tools will ensure consistent results. One can also expect high levels of perfection in the tooling job. This leads to lesser re-work and reliable designs. The importance of using well-designed, high quality tools can’t be stressed enough.

Scope of Fabrication of Oil and Gas Industry Products
We provide tools that can be used to fabricate products for drilling as well as evaluation activities conducted during oil and gas extraction. The following are some examples of products that can be fabricated using our tools:

•   Adapter plate
•   Specialized pipes used for extraction
•   Custom metal louvers used on site
•   Storage tanks used in the interim stage between extraction and processing
•   Variety of dampers like heavy duty, motorized, butterfly, and more

The oil and gas industry products manufactured using our tools can be used on-site or off-site. If the right tools are used for sheet metal fabrication, there is a large scope for customization.

Our tools provide remarkable results, repeatedly. This is important for users fabricating critical products used in the oil and gas industry. Our tools offer tolerance levels in the range of +/- 0.005″. Our tools are compatible with a variety of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and other exotic variants.


Oil and Gas Industry Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

The following high precision sheet fabrication tools are used in the oil and gas industry:
•   Sheet Metal Brake
•   Sheet Metal Shear
•   Sheet Metal Slip Roll
•   Pipe and Tubing Bender
•   Pipe and Tubing Notcher
•   Beveling Equipment
•   Deburring Tools
•   Torch Cutting Equipment

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