Tools Used in Aerospace Industry for Precise Results

The aerospace industry demands products that are accurately fabricated, tough, and long-lasting. In order to engineer such products, specialized tools are used. These tools should be able to provide certain results in order to facilitate the manufacturing process.

Product Capabilities at Woodward Fab

The following results can be expected when using our tools:

•   Sheet metal up to 14 ft. in size can be fabricated using our tools
•   Several size options of dies are available with us. Dies for all relevant products are available to facilitate fabrication of different types of products.
•   The tooling capabilities of our shears, sheet metal benders, English wheels, and other sheet metal fabrication tools far exceeds that of any of our competitors’ products.
•   Our tools are compatible with sheet metal thickness ranging from 0.020″ to 0.190″.
•   You can expect to achieve tolerance levels of up to +/- 0.005″.
•   Woodward Fab tools are compatible with steel, aluminum, and even plastic.
•   You can achieve bend angles up to 180º.


Aircraft Components Manufactured

The following components of aircrafts and other aerospace applications can be fabricated using metal fabrication tools:

•   Components for the harness
•   Large enclosures for the main body of an aircraft
•   Components for the chassis
•   Different types of bezels
•   EMI & RFI assemblies
•   Optical sensors
•   Other structural components


All parts can be custom stamped according to the design. The tools help you in providing your clients with solutions that assist them to make the most out of the application. These tools when used in your metal working shop will provide reliability. They provide consistent results time after time.


Why Choose Woodward Fab

Woodward Fab is the leading provider of sheet metal fabrication tools. With over 49 years of experience in this industry, we provide products that are reliable and outperform competitors at every step:

•   Our products ensure precise shearing, bending, forming, and other processes.
•   All our products are long-lasting, and require little to no maintenance.
•   Most of our tools can be mounted on workbenches or stands.
•   Products offer immense flexibility to the user during the fabrication process. The tools have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the aerospace industry.
•   Products are compatible with various materials and thicknesses, most of which are mentioned above.
•   These tools can be used in conjunction with other tools. They can be used in any metal working shop to function seamlessly with other machines.


Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

We offer a one-stop shop for all metal fabrication tools needed to fabricate reliable parts for the aerospace industry. From minute components used in the engine to parts for the external body of the aircraft, our tools can be used for all sizes and capabilities. The following high precision sheet fabrication tools are used in the aerospace industry:

•   Sheet Metal Shear
•   Sheet Metal Brake
•   English Wheel
•   Shrinker Stretcher
•   Bead Roller
•   Punch
•   Press

We offer easy and safe ‘one-click’ ordering that allows you to place your order and have it delivered in a few steps. Simply click ‘Add to Cart’, if you would like to purchase any product.