Tools for Fabrication of Intricate and Heavy Duty Parts

Constructing massive components for buildings and the construction industry at large, is no mean feat. This requires immense amount of skill, proficiency, and of course, the right tools. Sheet metal fabrication tools are used in building materials and in the construction industry to create both, intricate and heavy duty products. The scope of fabrication work in this industry is very vast. The metal working and forming jobs could include metal designing like engraving, molding, and cut work. It also includes fabricating of massive equipment such as tanks, structural steel frames for buildings, steel booths, and much more. Hence, the tools used in this industry should be intricately precise and compatible with heavy duty products.

Application Compatibility of Woodward Fab Tools

Our tools can be used for a variety of applications. From minute to massive sizes, parts can be fabricated with ease and accuracy. Below are some examples of products that can be manufactured for building materials and in the construction industry using our sheet metal fabrication tools:

• Stainless steel water fountain
• Automatic metal gates
• Aluminum enclosures
• Metal concrete forms
• Metal partitions with or without intricate designs
• Custom floor tread plates
• Intricately designed floor and ceiling panels
• Lattice worked walls
• Sculptures

Woodward Fab provides custom and standard products for every industry. Our tools can be used to work on steel, aluminum, plastic, exotic metals, and several other materials. With our tools, tight tolerances within the range of +/- 0.005″ can be expected. Whether you are bending, rolling, or shearing metal, our tools will bring you perfect results, every single time. Fabricating OEM parts is much easier with our sheet metal fabrication tools.

Construction Industry Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools

The following high precision sheet fabrication tools are used in the construction industry:

•  Slip Rolls
•  Shears
•  Sheet Metal Brakes
•  Presses
•  Tubing Benders
•  Tubing Notchers
•  Bead Rollers

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